One Can, One Project

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SW 6354
SW 6640

1) Perfect Pattern

If you’ve got a single can of paint, you can paint one of your walls with a sharp geometric pattern. Check out our decorative painting tips for more inspiration.

SW 6943
Intense Teal
SW 7657

2) Grand Openings

Colorful doors and trim can transform a hallway from a pedestrian pass-through to a playful space you simply can’t pass by without a smile. Check out our door how-to for tips

SW 9035
Frosted Emerald
SW 9032
Stay in Lime

3) Step It Up

Don’t overlook staircase risers as a novel place to feature color. Create extra interest with a two-tone geometric design.

SW 7069
Iron Ore
SW 6383
Golden Rule

4) Showcase

Give an old cabinet new life with fresh paint. Using a vibrant color inside the hutch will help highlight your collections.

SW 7551
Greek Villa
SW 6017

5) Magnificent Moldings

With just a small bit of paint, you can touch up your existing moldings, or pick new, decorative ones to accent and add contrast to your wall.