Get the Look from the Colormix® color Forecast 2019

Take advantage of these exciting new palettes with help from Sherwin-Williams color expert, Sue Wadden.

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Each of the six color palettes in our 2019 Colormix® Color Forecast has a unique story to tell. From an affinity for nostalgia to a case of wanderlust, there’s a palette that’s just right for you.


If you’re the type of person who sets a trend instead of waiting for it to come to you, this is your palette. Shapeshifter exudes vibrancy and flair, and is the perfect backdrop for cutting-edge design.

EMBRACE THE STYLE: Start with a bold-patterned rug or accessory and find a coordinating color in the Shapeshifter palette for your walls. Complete the space by adding curvy furniture and artistic lighting.

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Think of wild horses ambling across a backdrop of terra-cotta, deep clay and an endless blue sky. Embrace your carefree, Bohemian spirit with this palette, which works well in an open-plan setting to recall the vast western plains.

EMBRACE THE STYLE: Take a favorite color from this palette and use it as the backdrop for a room filled with natural wood and leather. Add wool blankets, macramé pillows and woven baskets, and you’ve captured the look of the New West.

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Tweed suits, a classic novel, a delicious merlot. Aficionado puts an updated twist on traditional themes, which makes it a great palette for mid-century modern style. The colors are confident and smooth, so you can use them prominently in your décor.

EMBRACE THE STYLE: Design your space with different textures – a leather chair, a tweed sofa, a brass light fixture. Let the Aficionado palette serve as a handsome canvas on which to display your favorite pieces.

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If you’ve been seeking a color palette that embodies your eclectic taste, this is it. Bathe one wall or a whole room in a color from the Enthusiast palette, and feel the energy climb.

EMBRACE THE STYLE: Enthusiast is the ideal accompaniment to maximalist style. The palette encourages a dynamic mix of color, print and texture. Be bold! Paint an entire room in bright green or a ceiling in shocking pink.

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From intense pink to whimsical green, Naturalist sweeps into your world like a classical waltz. It’s a new take on outdoor themes, drawing inspiration from butterflies, flowers and mushrooms.

EMBRACE THE STYLE: Try Naturalist in a sunroom or playroom where light dapples through large windows. Decorate with lots of live plants to bring the outdoors in.

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With a nod to the untouched beauty of sub-Saharan Africa, Raconteur is natural, raw and expressive. It’s a great palette to emphasize the decorative details of your home.

EMBRACE THE STYLE: Display a collection of woven baskets, faux fur, handmade rugs or carved masks throughout a room. Use a color from the Raconteur palette to create a dramatic focal point.

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