4 Paint Myths, Busted!

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We debunk common painting myths so you can start your next project with confidence.

Myth: I Have to Use Paint with a High Gloss Finish if I Want to be Able to Wash my Walls.

Truth: Paint continues to evolve to keep up with today’s homeowners. While gloss finishes typically were the ones to choose for cleanability, other options exist for washable paints. Sherwin-Williams Emerald® Interior paint now comes in a flat finish. This paint-and-primer in one boasts a stain-blocking technology that hides stains and leaves a smooth finish. Washable with long-lasting coverage, Emerald® also resists streaking and spotting from water.

Myth: I have to prime my existing walls before I paint.

Truth: Don’t let the lag time between priming and painting deter you from starting a project. Luckily, new technology makes it possible to offer paint and primer in one can. Sherwin-Williams offers many products with paint-and-primer in one, all of which provide great coverage in fewer coats. What’s more, the paint helps to cover old stains and resists rub-off when washing. Your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store associate can help you make sure you’re getting the right paint for your project.

Sherwin-Williams Duration Home® Paint Can

Myth: When painting a wall, I have to "cut in" a whole room before I go back and start rolling.

Truth: You do want to paint a two-inch to three-inch strip along the ceiling, baseboards, trim and inside corners where two walls meet. But you want to only "cut in" as much as you can roll to keep a wet edge. While the paint strip along the wall edge and trim is still wet, switch to a roller and apply paint overlapping onto the wet edge. Remember to roll in a W-pattern, beginning in a dry area of the wall and working back to the area you just painted. The result will be a seamless, uniform look.

Myth: I have low ceilings, and there is no real design trick to make them seem higher

Truth: Never fear; paint is here. When you want to create a sense of greater height in a room, consider these options:

  • Paint vertical stripes on the wall using dark and light colors.
  • Choose a light paint color for the walls, and consider painting trims and accents in the same color.
  • Give the illusion of high ceilings by bringing the ceiling paint down approximately 4” into the wall.