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Color should suit your personality and your mood, and that’s what these unique palettes provide. Find your style in one of eight coordinated palettes. Mix and match within the palette and let your style shine.

Free Spirit

Unique, daring and always ready to try something new. If that’s you, this palette brims with possibilities. The earthy, deep colors reflect your love for adventure and will help you to express that within your home. View Free Spirit Palette.

Add Personality To Your Space With Oceanside SW 6496 - View Color


Always in style, never boring. Trendsetter, this palette captures your willingness to embrace new, bold styles and take them to the next level. View Trendsetter Palette

Create A Relaxing Ambiance With Acacia Haze SW 9132 - View Color


Your love of the outdoors is captured in these nature-inspired colors. Use them to reflect sunny skies, fall foliage and trickling streams, and create a peaceful oasis inside. View Naturalist Palette.

Add A Dramatic Addition To Your Space With Borscht SW 7578 - View Color


Whether you’re a trained artist or you dabble in creative activities, you’ll appreciate the way Creative captures colors that inspire the imagination. Think of your home as your canvas and the Creative Collection as your palette for your next work of art. View Creative Palette.

Create Smooth Sophistication With Black Magic SW 6991 - View Color


You live purposefully with a style that is clean, uncluttered and undisturbed. This palette whispers simple elegance and is the perfect accompaniment to your minimalist décor. View Minimalist Palette.

Perk Up Your Room With Exuberant Pink SW 6840 - View Color


Open-minded, curious, fully engaged. Enthusiast illustrates your desire to experience life to the fullest and encourages those around you to do the same. View Enthusiast Palette.

Create A Natural Look With Arugula SW 6446 - View Color


Your warmth and compassion immediately draw others to you. With Nurturer, you can convey that sense of calm caring within your home. View Nurturer Palette.

Enhance Your Rooms Architectural Appeal With Indigo SW 6531 - View Color


Your optimism is contagious, and your style reflects a desire to take things slow and savor the moment. Dreamer’s softly elegant colors help you to do just that. View Dreamer Palette.

Add A Sweet Touch With Queen Anne Lilac SW 0021 - View Color

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